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Areas of Expertise

Media Relations, Marketing, Project Management

Media Relations

How do you break through to get the media’s attention?

Gaining national and regional media coverage of initiatives, research, and programs is crucial to campus and nonprofit public relations, but effective media relations activities activities can be challenging and time consuming.

WilcoxM3 partners with you to:

  • Increase media visibility for your organization and leadership.
  • Develop strategic communications plans focused on results.
  • Build and advance relationships with print, broadcast, and online journalists.
  • Deliver media training, ranging from op-ed writing and placement to on-air interview skills.


How can you and your overworked team ensure success?

Planning and implementing an effective marketing strategy that gets the attention of priority constituencies—as well as the media—is a complex, multifaceted undertaking.

Working with stakeholders, WilcoxM3 and partners will help you:

  • Develop and implement a marketing plan that provides clear direction and delivers results.
  • Produce marketing materials that gain attention.
  • Engage in successful media relations and social media outreach.
  • Establish budget allocations for each activity and short- and long-term timelines.

Project Management

How can you possibly get it all done?

The daily work of a campus or nonprofit communications team is already deadline-driven and intense. And then you are tasked with planning and implementing a major project such as a public information campaign, a conference, or a community event.

WilcoxM3 and partners help you manage and maximize the value of multifaceted events and projects where impact matters and time is short. Bringing to bear years of organizational leadership, management, and team-building skills, we will help you:

  • Carry out a sound and meaningful strategic-planning process.
  • Design strategies and tactics that reach target audiences.
  • Implement and track activities, meet budgetary guidelines, and report on outcomes.

I have always been impressed with Laura’s high-energy, results-oriented approach. In her new venture with WilcoxM3: Media, Marketing, Management, Laura and her team bring a high degree of professionalism, experience, and expertise to media campaigns and other projects requiring sophisticated, high-visibility strategies.
— Scott D. Miller, President, Virginia Wesleyan University; former President, Bethany College, Wesley College, and Lincoln Memorial University